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The company is ISO 27001certified

    We are a company certified in accordance with the internationally valid ISO 27001 standard (information security). We comply with strict requirements on data security. Data of our clients and their employees are managed in accordance with relevant regulations.

    As ISO 27001 certified, we declare that:

  • Data, personal information, photographs and further information within the employees cellphones are completely safe.

  • All data within the employees’ cellphones not used by the JOBka application are not available for the JOBka company.

  • Non of the data are used for advertisement, commercial or other purposes without user consent.

  • JOBka certification can be downloaded here:
    Certification PDF in English
    Certification PDF in German

    Certification PDF in Czech
ISO 27001 certification
Microsoft AZURE

JOBka data centre certification

    JOBka uses Microsoft Azure that stores data in secured data centres in 26 world regions, including EU countries. The Azure data centres meet all requirements on the personal data protection and international ISO 27018 standard. More information about AZURE data centre can be found here. MS Azure data centres in which JOBka runs are regularly audited by SOC2 system.

    The JOBka data centre certification can be downloaded ere:
    Certification PDF in English

Meeting the GDPR standards

    Our company meets all standards of the European information directive on personal data protection - EU GDPR.
    More you can find here.