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Communication and business culture
JOBka improves your internal communication from the first day. It is intuitive and easy-to-use.
This is the reason why JOBka has been successfully implemented within various industrial sectors.
"Our employees are really excited!", that is what we hear from our clients.

Communication to the employees

Communicate anything to the whole company, a group of employees or individuals faster and more accurately than any time before.

and questionnaires

Ask or find out anything from the whole company, group of employees or individuals easily and swiftly.


Secure display of payslips. Connection to system currently used by the client.

Workplace attendance

Overview of workplace attendance, vacation days, overtime. Connection to system currently used by the client.


Secure optional chat tool suitable for teams or one-on-one communication.

and address book

Business address book always up-to-date and at hand for everybody in the company.


The possibility of selling/purchasing and easily handing over items within the company.

to work

A way to save employees’ travel costs.

Less paperwork
You’ll save a lot of time and trees when using the content pages and forms with workflow.


Everything important at hand: onboarding, benefits, documentation, timetables, company’s terminology glossary, company premises

Forms digitalization

Reduction of paperwork and acceleration of processes via digitalization: Trust box, improvement proposals, e-Sick Leave, Fault Reporting, Changes Reporting, etc.

Web applications integration

We can connect your systems to make them available for your employees at one place in the mobile application.

ordering system

Viewing menu, ordering and cancelling of orders. Generating export data reports for meals dispensing, cooks, salaries and supplier invoicing.

Kiosk for employees

The whole content of your JOBka app is easily accessible from kiosk by logging in via chip or identification card.
Watch video


Displays any content on televisions within the company premises and can be easily changed when needed.

Notifications and workflow

Your processes can gain new dimension when using the workflow and notifications features. And moreover, you’ll get rid of the paperwork.


Can’t you see a function or automation, you’ve been looking for? We can create a module on request in accordance with your requirements.

We connect partner systems
Our goal is to provide you with the best. Therefore, we choose partner products and systems you can connect with JOBka. Show all connected systems.