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EFAFLEX - CZ s.r.o.

Finally, a functional tool for direct communication in a manufacturing company 💼

Until recently, it was inconceivable for us to pass on important information to all employees at the same time, and especially in the same sense. Thanks to JOB, it's not just an HR dream for more than a year. Today, our people have online information about what's going on in the company on their private phone, they order lunches, they look at their payslips, they influence the company's behavior through surveys or they "trade" briskly through the company bazaar. Through KIOSK, we have also connected those without smartphones or emails to the world of JOB. JOBka makes our work easier and, most importantly, significantly helps in building our corporate culture.

>Milan Šmíd - EFAFLEX - CZ s.r.o.
Milan Šmíd
Head of personnel department, HR manager, EFAFLEX - CZ s.r.o.
Lear Corporation

It significantly simplifies our work at HR ⚡️

In our plants across CZ and SK, we use JOBKA as a very effective and fast tool for communication with employees without access to e-mail. In a tangle of different nationalities and ethnicities, the application helps us to involve employees in various language versions in the corporate culture. With the inclusion of the onboarding module and the dissemination of information, including internal guidelines, we promise better information and more active involvement and engagement. Already after the first months, we have a very positive response to the use of the application from our colleagues. It significantly simplifies our work at HR and brings us closer to our employees. We plan to involve the application also for communication when planning changes. In ongoing surveys, we can respond quickly to needs and published requirements. Simply peck 😊

>Andrea Takáčová - Lear Corporation
Andrea Takáčová
Human resources specialist for remuneration, benefits and communication, Lear Corporation
PPL CZ s.r.o.

Speed, efficiency and better company culture ✅

With JOBka application we stay in touch with our male and female drivers at any time during the day regardless of whether they are in the depot or on the delivery. It is a great communication tool that helps us maintain a high level of awareness of our drivers and, simultaneously, involve them in the PPL events. With our surveys and good-ideas box we are able to gain the feedback quickly and efficiently. Moreover, we can share all important information and news, and reinforce our company culture. JOBka is highly user friendly, clear and simply operated- this is proved by the fact that drivers use it from the first day and actively engage and share very positive feedback.

>David Voznička - PPL CZ s.r.o.
David Voznička
COO, PPL CZ s.r.o.

Doosan Bobcat EMEA s.r.o

Speed, clarity and accessibility ✅

In large manufacturing companies, communication with employees without company email is a challenge. And at our company it was the same. We have been looking for simple, fast, clear and easy-to-access form of communication with the production employees for a long time. We have found this solution in JOBka. Almost 90 % of our employees that were able to access information only in the offline form have started to use JOBka in a very short period. The evidence of this tool being convenient for them is that a great part of them access the application in their free time as well.

>Helena Mládková - Doosan Bobcat EMEA s.r.o
Helena Mládková
Internal Communication Manager EMEA, Doosan Bobcat EMEA s.r.o
SCONTO Nábytek s.r.o. (SCONTO Furniture)

My lifelong HR dream has come true

>Zuzana Kubíčková - SCONTO Nábytek s.r.o.
Zuzana Kubíčková
HR director assistant, SCONTO Nábytek s.r.o.
Robert Bosch spol. s.r.o.

Easier life for employees without an email

In the difficult pandemic times, the application has made the communication to all employees much easier and faster, especially to the ones without access to company email. From this point of view, its advantages are indisputable in more favourable times as well. I consider also a big plus that it not only allows us to provide the information to the employees, but all employees can also contact us immediately, regardless of their actual location. Simplification of mutual communication and fast receiving of feedback is essential, especially if you are a big manufacturing plant. JOBka has made our lives easier in many ways.

>Mgr. Hana Schwambergerová - Robert Bosch spol. s.r.o.
Mgr. Hana Schwambergerová
Internal and External communication (RBCB/PC), Robert Bosch spol. s.r.o.

Maxion Wheels Czech s.r.o.

Reduction of administrative burden on employees and HR ✊

What I appreciate on JOBka is flexible extension of modules and function and the speed of implementation of agreed solutions. Because of this, we are able to use JOBka not only as a communication tool between company and the employees, but also to reduce the administrative burden on employees and us people from HR :) due to digitalization of data collection.

Petr Lyčka - Maxion Wheels Czech s.r.o.
Petr Lyčka
Head of Compensation and Benefits, Maxion Wheels Czech s.r.o.
SCHENKER spol. s r.o.

Our job is to connect the whole world and JOBka helps us to connect ourselves

Communication and speed of information sharing are essential to us, therefore, we always look for new ways of more attractive communication with our employees. JOBka has a high valued position in the whole employee cycle story. It helps the newcomers to easily keep track with the company operation and provide them with important information. Moreover, it helps to all colleagues keep track of what’s happening - immediately and from anywhere. It provides the opportunity to gain feedback, participate on internal competitions and building our culture. The application is operated very simply, it’s quick and intuitive. And additionally, the communication with administrators is great and human. Therefore, we are not afraid to extend JOBka with further modules.

Lucie Horová - SCHENKER spol. s r.o.
Lucie Horová
HR Manager HiTec, SCHENKER spol. s r.o.
WE|DO CZ s.r.o.

The employees are all in the same ship

JOBka has enchanted us with its simplicity, speed and clarity. We appreciate the approach of JOBka to our non-standard requirements. If it can be done, JOBka implements our ideas and needs! And most importantly, JOBka helps us bring all employees to row the same boat. Thank you!

Denisa Uhrová - WE|DO CZ s.r.o.
Denisa Uhrová
Human resources manager, WE|DO CZ s.r.o.


We care for your satisfaction from the beginning. Therefore we don’t want you to buy a pig in poke. Contact us and we will create a free demo you’ll be able to try out.

Plzeňské městské dopravní podniky, a.s. (Pilsen City Transport Company)

We just fit together

PMDP - smart and attractive mobility in Pilsen. We just fit together.
Smart and mobile - very important properties of a fast transfer of uniform information within the company. Not only JOBka helps with efficient communication, informing about the current events within the company and points of interests, but also supports building of company culture. This application helps us all to “keep up to date”.

Petra Chmelířová - Plzeňské městské dopravní podniky, a.s. (Pilsen City Transport Company)
Petra Chmelířová
Head of the human resources and payroll department, Plzeňské městské dopravní podniky, a.s. (Pilsen City Transport Company)
OMEXOM GA Energo s.r.o

We found the solution

We were looking for the solution how to communicate across the company and also with employees without company email. And we found it! We started implementing mobile application these days due to which all or employees will have all the information at hand.
#weconnecttheworldofenergies #omexomcommunication #omexom #vinci

Marcela Šmídová - OMEXOM GA Energo s.r.o.
Marcela Šmídová
OMEXOM GA Energo s.r.o.
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Ideal Automotive s.r.o.

I am a proud CEO

I rate the JOBka application very positively. I am proud of the fact that we are always able to be first with innovations in the Ideal group. This application plays a very important role in creating a positive company culture and solidarity in the Ostrov u Stříbra plant. It is an important part of our PR.

Vít Černý - Ideal Automotive s.r.o.
Vít Černý
Plant director (CEO), Ideal Automotive s.r.o.


Nice work! Keep it up

JOBka helps us with communication in these difficult times. It is great that we can send the news and messages concerning the measures at our facility to all employees of VÍTKOVICE STEEL. Thank you for that and I recommend the product!

Kateřina Močáryová - VÍTKOVICE STEEL, a.s.
Kateřina Močaryová
Employer brand and recruitment specialist, VÍTKOVICE STEEL, a.s.
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The application is very popular in our company ♥️

The majority of employees likes the JOBka application. JOBka helps us accelerate the administrative matters and plays a very important role in the information distribution to all employees at the same time, as we deal with continuous operation in our company (long and short week). We truly care about the opinions of our employees, so we plan using intensively the survey application in the future.

Jiří Vondra - ACTI PACK CZ a.s.
Jiří Vondra
Head of production organization, ACTI PACK CZ a.s.

What a speed

I must praise JOBka for delivering a highly functional communication platform for all employees, from cleaning lady to the workers and managers. In this era, priceless. Notifications, questionnaires, etc. Go for it!

Tomáš Janele - HUTCHINSON, s.r.o.
Tomáš Janele
IT Manager,
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FERRIT s.r.o.

We inform the FERRITers quickly

Even we,in FERRIT s.r.o., already have our JOBka that helps us quickly inform FERRITers about measures we have taken and news, and also spread positive messages from the life in the company or e-learning opportunities. In short, everything that we have formerly shared via intranet can now be displayed by anyone in their cellphone. Simple, fast and for everyone.

Petra Klementová - FERRIT s.r.o.
Petra Klementová
HR manager, FERRIT s.r.o.
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Optiform, s.r.o.

Indispensable tool

JOBka is an indispensable tool at our company that allows us to communicate with employees. Moreover, we use it to organize regular competitions that have become very popular. We highly appreciate perfect communication and help provided by its representatives.

Leona Motejzníková - Optiform, s.r.o.
Leona Motejzníková
Account Manager,
Optiform, s.r.o.
Ideal Automotive s.r.o.

Communication on a higher level ✊

The application is amazing, user friendly, very flexible and simultaneously something new on the market. Our people love it, they are talking about it, having fun with it. First application that manages to bring the collective together. From the HR point of view, the application has made a lot of work easier for us and saved us paperwork, made the information transfer more efficient and raised the internal communication to next level.

Michaela Švingerová - Ideal Automotive s.r.o.
Michaela Švingerová
HR Generalist, Ideal Automotive s.r.o.

Lear Corporation

We are implementing the application to further branches

We are truly satisfied with the JOBka application, we were nicely surprised with a very quick implementation of the software and generally sensitive and professional approach from the JOBka company. Our satisfaction is that huge that we have started implementation of the application within other locations of our company

Petr Kuf- Lear Corporation
Petr Kuf
HR MANAGER, Lear Corporation
Kabelovna Kabex a.s.

No more chaotic information boards

The current situation on the market makes it clear that it is necessary to maintain better contact with the collective of employees. The great benefit of JOBka is that the messages or questions are delivered right to the employee’s hand and not as before, when they had to notice the change on the information board. I personally create the content (e.g. Company blog) at Kabex. I believe that people in Kabex feel that I care about them.

Anton Slobodin - Kabelovna Kabex a.s.
Anton Slobodin
CEO, Kabelovna Kabex a.s.
Lear Corporation

The workers have the information within a few seconds ⭐️

We hear only positive comments about the application. The employees that already use JOBka praise the speed of spreading the information towards them. In comparison to the email, the information spreads also among the workers on the production line within seconds which was not possible before. We also appreciate intuitive operation of the application, easy installation and modern design of the communication between employee and employer.

Dominika Kantnerová- Lear Corporation
Dominika Kantnerová
HR Trainee, Lear Corporation
Optiform, s.r.o.

Great modern HR tool

I consider the JOBka application a great modern HR tool allowing fast and effective communication with employees. Application is continuously developed and always comes with interesting updates. A one big plus is the active approach of the team that is always helpful and prefers individual approach to each client.

Dagmar Molčánová - Optiform, s.r.o
Dagmar Molčánová
HR MANAGER, Optiform, s.r.o
Lear Corporation

21st century HR department!

JOBka allows us quickly and simply share information with employees. It is an effective communication tool that is a must-have in any 21st century HR department.

Barbora Matušková- Lear Corporation
Barbora Matušková
HR Specialist, Lear Corporation

Ideal Automotive s.r.o.

We look forward to further versions

JOBka is great application that manages to help with and simplify many things! We look forward to further versions!

Lenka Kejhová - Ideal Automotive s.r.o.
Lenka Kejhová
HR assistant, Ideal Automotive s.r.o.


Thank you


PhDr. Kateřina Nogolová (Brožová) - VÍTKOVICE STEEL, a.s.
PhDr. Kateřina Nogolová (Brožová)
Member of the Board, VÍTKOVICE STEEL, a.s.
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Ideal Automotive s.r.o.

Two-way communication ✅

Great tool for effective two-way communication.

Martin Šnaidauf - Ideal Automotive s.r.o.
Martin Šnaidauf
Production Manager, Ideal Automotive s.r.o.
Ideal Automotive s.r.o.

First-hand information

I perceive the JOBka mobile application as a modern tool for communication with customers. Our employees have the opportunity of taking part in the events in our company. Everyone who installs the application gets information first-hand. The application is clear, simple and tiles are user-friendly.

Zuzana Böhmová - Ideal Automotive s.r.o.
Zuzana Böhmová
HR specialist, Ideal Automotive s.r.o.

Tymphany Acoustic Technology Europe, s.r.o.

JOBka is the dream of every HR specialist ✨

JOBka is the dream of every HR specialist who wants to take care for their employees. Implementation and administration of the application is simple and quick and very user friendly (even I can manage that and that is saying something). I highly appreciate that our HR messages can be quickly spread among the employees. I look forward to further cooperation and future features of the application.

Marie Valchářová - Tymphany Acoustic Technology Europe, s.r.o.
Marie Valchářová
HR Consultant & Recruiter,
Tymphany Acoustic Technology Europe, s.r.o.
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Ideal Automotive s.r.o.

A tool for modern communication

Very practical tool for modern communication with employees. Simple operation. Fast two-way information flow. Recommended!

Jana Kudrličková - Ideal Automotive s.r.o.
Jana Kudrličková
HR manager, Ideal Automotive s.r.o.
Element Materials Technology Pilsen s.r.o.

We are extremely satisfied

We are extremely satisfied with JOBka mobile application. It is a simple and modern tool for more efficient communication in our company. I am glad that we are going to use more modules of this application in the future. Big thanks to the whole JOBka team for quick implementation. I give you 5 stars

Lucie Saláková - Element Materials Technology Pilsen s.r.o.
Lucie Saláková
HR manager, Element Materials Technology Pilsen s.r.o.