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  • Custom brand application
    Custom brand application

    The application will use the colours, nomenclature and logos according to your company's brand manual.

  • Lifetime support and customized product training
    Lifetime support and customized product training

    Throughout your use of the mobile app, you'll have access to our support team to help answer any questions you may have, as well as our academy and bespoke training.

  • Assigned sales representative, consultant and integration department
    Assigned sales representative, consultant and integration department

    During the implementation of the application and subsequent use, you will have your assigned sales representative as well as a consultant for special requirements. In addition, our integration department will help us set up the integrations associated with the implementation of the JOBka mobile application in your company.

  • Selection from all 70 functions that will match your
    company culture
    70 functions

    In cooperation with your business consultant, you’ll choose functions that will save your time and money, enhance the efficiency and satisfaction of your employees.

  • Multilingual administration
    Multilingual administration

    Web administration can be carried out in up to 7 languages (Czech, Slovak, English, German, Hungarian and French).


Most popular plan

  • All functions from the STANDARD plan
    Functions from previous plan

    You’ll gain all the functions included in the STANDARD plan.

  • Automatic export and import function
    Automatic export and import function

    Automatic synchronization of employees, contacts, license plates and custom data exports.

  • API

    Synchronization and exports of any data, creation of own mini apps connected to the JOBka application and company processes

  • Mobile application traffic measurement analytics
    Users traffic measurement analytics

    You’ll gain maximum overview about usage of the mobile application by your employees.

  • Admin user roles
    Admin user roles

    Do you need to grant various user permissions? It has never been easier thanks to the user roles function.

  • Additional verification (Face ID, PIN, Touch ID)
    Additional verification

    Do you have high demands on security? With the additional verification function you can additionally secure the application for all employees.

  • Multilingual mobile application - up to 14 supported languages
    Multilingual mobile application

    The application can operate in Czech, English, German, Slovak, Polish, French, Ukrainian, Hungarian,Srbian, Bulgarian, Mongolian, Spanish, Vietnamese, and Russian

All our plans include: administration of MS AZURE JOBka servers, regular monitoring of Apple and Google legal and technical requirements and their processing, updating to the new versions of OS and phones, issuing of new versions of JOBka application, backup, ISO 27001 and GDPR security audit, and technical support. The payment stays the same each time you purchase another module (this does not apply to the ordering system, JOBka TV and Kiosks modules).

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