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Version 5.0.

  • Artificial intelligence in communication with employees - we have newly added the option to automatically translate messages through artificial intelligence into foreign languages. If you own language versions, everything is easily translated with just a few clicks.

  • Multiquizzes - it is now possible to create surveys with multiple questions. If you have language versions, it is possible to display the questions also in the specific user's language including language attachments.

  • Notification after closing the questionnaire - the app now supports notifying you automatically once a question/questionnaire is closed. When evaluating questionnaires, it is possible to enter multiple email addresses which will receive the notification about the closure.

  • Automatic saving of an unfinished questionnaire - you can now return to the questionnaire anytime or continue on another device, everything is saved online.

  • Backoffice management - companies can now create API keys and access to backoffice administration themselves without contacting JOBka support. To activate the feature, write to

  • Export functions - we can now create custom exports in the form of JSON, XML or TXT.

  • Logging and secure operation of the application - we have improved the application logging, implemented security and GDPR requirements. At the same time, we have moved to the latest technologies from Apple and Google, which ensure the proper functioning of the application.

  • Cafeteria - it is now possible to delete the menu for a specific day.

  • JOBka Academy - inside the backoffice administration, there is now a help widget in which you can easily search for guides when working with the app.

  • Asynchronous uploading of attachments - it is now possible to securely upload attachments online.

  • New languages in the backoffice, mobile app, and web client - Romanian, Serbian

  • API - English documentation support

  • API - advanced management of employees, tokens, and groups

Version 4.0.

  • Multiple attachments for one message or question. A simple gallery will appear on the mobile app side.

  • Localization of attachments by language. Employees will always be shown messages only with the given language mutation.

  • Modifications of the contacts module, it is now possible to enter multiple emails and phone numbers for a contact, and filtering by position and department has also been improved.

  • Improved search within JOBka and relocation of the search button.

  • Display position and department on contact list

  • Sending invitations to the application via SMS message

  • Kiosk - support for PDF printing

  • Forms (administration) - full-text search support

  • Web application for employees - support for filling out forms and custom pages

  • The creation of a new communication address, here we will help you with the integration of your existing and external systems.

  • Employee system groups - non-deletable group of employees that is not affected by imports (foreman, externs), these employees will be sustainable in the JOBka until you manually delete them.

  • Extended statistics - messages: Number of readings of individual messages

  • Improvements to the message module - it is now also possible to send messages to email or download PDF attachments.

Version 3.6.

  • Change login page for mobile app

  • Possibility to send the message to email as well, if the employee has a completed email address. You can create your own groups and use your own JOBka distribution lists.

  • MagicLinks - creation of a link for easy employee login with one click

  • New language - Spanish (all products)

  • Employee web application - support for questionnaires

  • Web application for employees - support for backgrounds and logos

  • Employees - search option by ID chip card (token)

  • Support for crosslinks - linking to modules via a link or by scanning a QR code

  • Questions - improved search and detail by the date and time of the employee's answer, including seconds

  • New modules - workflow

  • Disabling the module by device - web JOBka, kiosk. Mobile devices will be implemented in the future.

  • Automatic generator of QR codes (passwords) and invitation to the application. It is now possible, based on regular activity, to automatically invite employees in at regular intervals or to assign security QR codes to them.

  • Release of web JOBka 1.0. (messages, links)

  • Custom branding of emails at start (registration) via

Version 3.5.

  • New language - Russian, Hungarian, Serbian, Mongolian, Polish

  • Text formatting - messages, questions, message boards (bold, italics, letter size)

  • New appearance of the application - setting the transparency of the modules, unifying the design, inserting the brand background photo under the modules, new icons for the modules, rounding the tiles.

  • Email invitations - possibility to invite employees via email (invitation contains personal number and security QR code - password)

  • Messages and custom pages - enable landscape reading view

  • New bazaar and carpooling modules

  • Exports and imports - Excel and CSV

  • Self-registration point for users

  • Canteen - food code and food support by department

  • Displaying the MASTER QR code and improving the printing functions

  • Complete application localizability

Watch release notes 3.5.

Version 3.4.

  • Unsuccessful logins - you have an overview of which employees tried to log in to the application, thanks to which you can catch the problem in time and help them log in.

  • The creation of a new communication address, here we will help you with individual solutions and application distribution

  • The creation of a new communication address, here we will help you with the integration of your existing and external systems.

  • Load QR code (security password) from device gallery

  • New language - French (all products)

  • New language - French (all products)

Version 3.3.

  • Unsuccessful logins - you have an overview of which employees tried to log in to the application, thanks to which you can catch the problem in time and help them log in.

  • Visit statistics of individual modules

  • Automatic app lock on device (background, foreground), user created PIN request and FACEID and TOUCHID acceleration option

  • Kiosks and kiosk mode (application lock and it is not possible to use anything other than JOBka), automatic logout

  • Support for PDF display in forms and reports

  • Extended options of web modules and support for integration solutions

  • Support for webjobs and scheduled jobs

  • New language - Vietnamese

Version 3.2.

  • Support for importing employees in excel and csv format

  • Sending messages to individuals from the web administration or email

  • System group - creation of a group that will not be deleted by import

  • New module - overview (data display based on completed forms)

  • Automatic data imports via SFTP

  • Invited - new employee status and employee filtering

  • Disabling notifications for modules

  • QR codes and staff - more detailed overview of use

  • Login page: About the application - option to send a bug report

  • PDF Viewer - download PDF to the employee's device

  • Establishment of the JOBka e-shop

Explore the online store (e-shop)

Version 3.1.

  • New module - chat

  • Forms - extension of data management backoffice options

  • Dining room - extended data exports

  • Custom pages - HTML editor

  • Questions - new paremeter personal number

  • New language - English, German, Slovak, French, Ukrainian

Version 3.0.


  • UTC - support for times within time zones

  • Questions - anonymous questions

  • Boarding boards - display of the author of the post

  • Employees - search by name

  • Notification emails - extension with new parameters

Version 1.0. - 2.8. - creation of the application JOBka

  • New module - JOBka benefit card

  • New module - Contact

  • History of the company - overview of activities

  • Roles of backoffice administration users

  • Questions - closing dates

  • All other features from earlier versions lower than 2.8.