® | Kiosk for employees

Why buy a kiosk?

  • Employees have access to digital data even without using a mobile device.

  • We take care of all kiosk updates via remote management, no need to install additional software in your company. You will receive the kiosk with the current version of JOBka already pre-installed.

  • The kiosk can be used as an information channel, order lunches online or to report a planned absence from the company

  • Your existing systems can be integrated into the JOBka mobile application as a icon (web modules).

Kiosk for employees

  • We integrate kiosk...

    • Choose from 10", 15" or 22" sizes. The kiosk is protected against theft and cannot be used at home.

    • Kiosk has a touch screen and it's easy to use. You can place the kiosk in a busy location so that every employee can use it.

    • The price of the kiosk includes a stand for a table or a wall, it is also possible to purchase an individual standing on the ground.

    • Login takes place using chip cards.
      We use your chip cards and therefore we will ensure their compatibility before the launch.

    • The chip reader is printed in your company colors.

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What does kiosk look like?

I want to know more...

During the 30-minute presentation you will learn interesting information about the JOBka mobile app, JOBka kiosks, JOBka TV and the JOBka web employee portal.