® | Kiosk for employees

Why buy a kiosk?

  • Employees have access to digital data even without using a mobile device.

  • We take care of all kiosk updates via remote management, no need to install additional software in your company.

  • The kiosk can be used as an information channel, order lunches online or to report a planned absence from the company

Kiosk for employees

  • We integrate kiosk...

    • Choose from 10", 15" or 22" sizes

    • Kiosk has a touch screen and it's easy to use

    • The price of the kiosk includes a stand for a table or a wall, it is also possible to purchase an individual standing on the ground

    • Login takes place using chip cards.
      We use your chip cards and therefore we will ensure their compatibility before the launch.

    • The chip reader is printed in your company colors

What does kiosk look like?

View the JOBka mobile application

In addition to kiosks, we also have a mobile application for employees. They always have all the information in their pocket and from the comfort of their home.