® | JOBka vs custom programming

Custom development JOBka - ready-made solution
Speed of deployment within the company months 1 to 2 weeks
Price from thousands of EUR from approx. 800 EUR
Testing Necessity of trusting the software company that the long-term project will be successful application can be tried immediately
Extend with another modules further development with high demands on costs and time a ready-made module from the offer can be delivered to the company in comparison to the custom development quickly and cheaply (in a few days)
Custom module creation yes yes
(JOBka has its own custom development department)
Mobile application error rate it is very difficult to precisely debug the custom application before deployment, the debugging is performed “on the fly” and tested on users JOBka is debugged - tens of thousands of users are using it and we regularly examine and deal even with very exotic errors sent via error messages
Application security the custom development focuses predominantly on functionality and its securing is omitted we place a great emphasis on data security, regular internal testing and attempts of breaking into application
Further JOBka benefits Application is optimized for all companies at once
Continuous development of the application: New version is released every 2 to 3 months, new functions (improving of the communication module, etc.) are available for free
Automatic support of new OS versions and adjustment of the application to new Apple and Google rules
Quick response to new needs - permission to enter the district, testing certificate, covidpass, etc.

Did you know?

Our programmers spent each month several hundreds hours on taking care of making JOBka up-to-date, fast and secure? Because we take care of the applications in many companies, we respond to all requests of Google and Apple platforms, legal requirements and new trends always on time.

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