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Your first JOBka version can be with you in a few days. We guarantee the implementation within 10 working days from the delivery of supporting materials. Afterwards, we will help you with the content and distribution among the employees.

The communication between API servers and employees’ cellphones is encrypted in accordance with modern world standards (similarly to internet banking apps). We meet ISO 27001:2013

Yes, contact us. We will grant you access to the demo version. Afterwards, you can try out the basic package without any commitment. We do not request any commitment. The contract can be terminated at any time.

You don’t have to install anything into the internal network. JOBka runs in cloud. Secure, backed up, and under constant supervision. You can manage JOBka from your web browser.

JOBka complies with GDPR and meets the strict requirements of ISO 27001:2013 standard.

JOBka is run in CLOUD and as a complex service, its implementation and operation does not require any activity from your IT department. The implementation, backup and new versions are processed by us.

The mobile application and the back-office web usage is very intuitive. Any necessary support is carried out by the JOBka company via online support in helpdesk

QR code contains a secured company identifier. Upon first login, the system assigns the identifier to the employee who is not able to login with any other personal number afterwards. If you need to close the employee account, you just delete the QR code or perform the comparative import from your HR system.

The implementation takes usually 10 working days. Some modules require texts and pictures (e.g. Virtual company tour).

The advantages of ready-made solutions in comparison to the custom or own development are following:
- you do not have to deal with technical issues, they are our responsibility
- you don’t have to take care of new updates (for new types of cellphones, OS and new features), JOBka releases updates automatically every 3-4 months
- JOBka gets inspired by all users, we respond to current needs and issues, therefore, you have always the opportunity to add new functions.
- you can get JOBka ready in a few days, the custom development takes months
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Where can I download the application?

The application is available on App Store and Google Play.

How can I log in?

You just have to enter your personal number or scan the secure QR code provided by your employer.

Usage and function

You will be able to use the unique module set and functions selected by your company every day.

If you did not find answer to your question, contact us. Or you can use the contact form.

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